We are unique

We want to understand you and your needs. Therefore there will be a detailed conversation before any training or coaching measures. In parallel both sides can get a feeling if they would like to work with each other.

Our consultants, trainers and coaches are prominent characters with long-term theoretical and practical experience. During our stay with your company we will act as temporary employees who not only show you how it works but work together with you.

As learning and change processes should also be fun our consultants, trainers and coaches see themselves not only as trainers but as infotainers.

We are continuously measuring our success. Our trainings and coachings regularly receive top marks which makes us proud on the one hand. On the other hand we know that we must not only keep our high level but permanently improve and develop.

We do not promise success but guarantee to combine our most efficient instruments of consulting, training and coaching with practical exercises and field trainings. You can also count on us in case of complex and tricky projects, clients, employees or executives.

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, education, psychology, learning, change management processes and oraganisational development.

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Ausgeschriebene Stelle besetzt

Nideggen, Januar 2018 - Die ausgeschriebene Stelle für unsere Recruitingprojekte konnte sehr schnell und qualifiziert besetzt werden.

„Der Erfolgsfaktor ist der Mensch“!

Nideggen, November 2017 - Insbesondere beim Messeauftritt gilt: „Der Erfolgsfaktor ist der Mensch“!

Jeder Messestand ist nur so gut, wie die Mitarbeiter, die dort das Unternehmen repräsentieren. Viele Aussteller geben enorme Summen für ihren Messestand aus und sparen beim Messetraining Ihrer Mitarbeiter.